Facility Automation and Control

Expert Delivery of a Variety of Control Approaches

Precision’s engineers, mechanics, electricians and programmers team up to design and install

every type of control system.


  • Direct Digital Control:  Installing Schneider Electric Intelligent Automation (I/A), among other

      systems, makes your facility totally efficient



  • Electric Control:  Standard electric control systems can reliably manage HVAC and building



  • Pneumatic Control:  Whether a pure pneumatic system, or pneumatics under a digital system

      overlay, our track record here is unmatched


  • Facility Control Systems Monitoring:  We customize control system alarm call out to aid your

      monitoring of facilities


Intelligent Automation (I/A) System Architecture

Precision Control System’s Intelligent Automation (I/A) can control every type and size facility.  We

deliver open, interoperable HVAC control solutions through the power of the Internet – giving you

full access and control of your building and HVAC systems from anywhere.


  • Open & Interoperable:  I/A supports industry standard open system protocols – BacNet, LON,



  • Web Powered:  I/A is a Java based, web enabled control product


  • Full Range of Control Solutions:  I/A’s MicroNet series offers a complete line of programmable,

      open protocol controllers


  • Investment Protection:  I/A’s current controllers can interface to your existing architecture,

      protecting past capital investments





World Wide Web Accessible

We provide control system functionality across of variety of platforms:  LON, BACnet, OPC,

and Modbus.


  • Internet Browser Support:  Thin client Internet Explorer, and Netscape support for unlimited



  • Control and Monitoring:  Complete day-to-day access or system management and/or



  • Data Collection:  Real time, historical, and dynamic report creation for custom requirements


  • Alarm Management:  Sophisticated alarm reporting via email, texting, phone messaging


  • Scheduling Ease:  Graphical calendar, event and holiday scheduling makes multiple changes



  • Reporting:  Dynamic report capability that we can custom design for you


  • Database Change Recording:  Real time audit trail records who accessed the system, what was

     performed, and when it occurred


  • Database Programming:  Complete access to all supported platforms


  • Security:  Password protection and security using standard Java authentication and encryption



Graphical User Interface

Utilizing all of your preferences, our programmer technicians custom build control system architecture user interfaces.


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